Saturday, September 12, 2015

flying today and i'm really dreading it.
i can feel the anxiety
i don't know whether its cause I'm excited for the new term
or whether i'm actually scared of it
the vexatious feeling of homesickness is slowly creeping in
winter break this year is one week shorter
contemplating if i should fly back
but tickets are expensive
i'm getting way more stressed out than first year
what about units
and the interviews
and the 530 pounds of mystery
and theres something else on my mind
maybe i'll just forget about it when the term starts
i hope that's what will happen

flying today and i'm really dreading it

flying today and being independent all over again
nice weather
foreign countries
new and old alike
lack of comfort food
new house, new room, new term
amalgamation of exciting challenges and sleepless nights
headache, anxiousness, pride, accomplishments
laser cut, softwares, computer, plotter, workshop
these all shall be my new best friends
not to forget metal and wood
new furnitures?
haha thats if i don't get too lazy

flying today and being all excited about it

Friday, June 26, 2015



disappeared for a really long time cause archi school. its real, the sayings regarding no sleep, shitty food, screwed up sleep cycle is true. the torture is real guysssssssss (but truth to be told it only applies when deadlines are near, other than that its fine)

saw the catalogue today...


Monday, December 15, 2014

long overdue post

as the title says it... its a l o n g   o v e r d u e   p o s t

hi guys! sorry for the hiatus hahaha its been more than3 months (lol see how much i’ve procrastinated and the amount of backlog) here in the UK. I’ve settled in well and have gotten used to the cold (so gonna melt next summer) life’s been great here, my course can be tough, having a 5 day school week (7 days at times) and leaving school at 9 plus when we get chased out of the building, reaching at 8 plus to queue for workshop hahaha but then i’ve friends who were there for me (be it in the UK or SG) i’m really lucky to be studying here :’) though i have quite a lot to pick regarding the education system and bartlett itself :///

its been so long since i’ve posted that i am so reluctant to update but wtv

(its 1am here and tomorrow i’ve to be somewhere at 7am lol)
(plus this coming week is hell week, prob staying in school till midnight or maybe 1? or camping at cruciform till 2-3am again? at least till friday)

14 sept: the day i left for the uk, really grateful that you guys came down to send me off despite it being a super early flight on a sunday. I’m actually quite surprised at the number of people in the photo (not including my family of course)  look forward to seeing you all again next summer. do Skype/google hangout w me when you guys are free!!! (like during the holidays cause i’m gonna be in the uk alone :(  ) cried on the flight while reading all your letters and thinking of the times we spent together. 

(closed my eyes but wtv cos everyone’s looking at the cam <cept for some>) 

honestly quite excited about next summer when i get to go back and meet all of you again ^^

upon reaching, we explored the area around my school, oxford street, settled admin stuff such as registering, nhs, moving into my dorm (no dorm tour cause i’m not living alone)

-settled admin stuff, settled into school, started school-

one of the first dinners w OG at belgos ^^ while watching the guys chug down their beer
(they’ve become my second fam here, (sg archi ppl too of coz))

so lessons started, explored our studio. we shifted to another building as Wates house was under construction. attended wednesday’s optional lectures cause at that time, naive me thought we had loads of time and why not? and i was even planning to make this a weekly thing. but no, that will not happen cause i know how busy my course is hahaha

wefie with peter cook hahaha, he’s the guy in black with white hair - year that tiny dude in front of the blue table.

ended our  building walk with a hike up primrose hill one fine day when the weather in london was still great (pic ft sg archi peeps and 1 msian)

then we have our first design proj: 
Greenwich survey

so we were brought down to greenwich, which was when i wore my wellies out for the first time. AND IT GOT DAM DIRTY!!!!! a brief summary of our first proj: measuring the site given, doing plan section elevation drawings etc. boring as hell stayed up so many times to finish drawing. experienced my first 3h sleep day, had my first crit. too lazy to elaborate, plus its not that exciting anyways

proj 2: Royal Naval College - Admiral’s House

basically almost a month plus long group work, with 14 people in a group. sadly lady luck’s not really on my side and i got into a not so good group (maybe it’ll get better cos my tutor’s gonna finally be in london next year. can you believe it, my tutor flies down from Copenhagen every friday for lessons, and i don’t get a legit tutor on tues.) loads of last minute changes, late nights, missed dinners but i enjoyed it. 

gonna just post pics cause i still have work to do, even though its winter break now T-T

(looking like apichatpong’s powerboy eh)

missed dinner for more than a week when deadline was nearing. so tired with early mornings to queue for workshop and late nights, leaving studio at like 10-11pm then going to cruciform for late night works or euston for meetings. plus burden making cities urgh.

enjoyed myself very much in the workshop, working the bandsaw, piller drill, sanders, industrial power bandsaw, welding etc. 
i’ve become really good at cutting stuff using the bandsaw!! 
also, first time working with metal and i quite like it! not gonna go into details and stuff~

managed to squeeze in weekend trips to nottingham, peak district and climbed a mini mountain.

brighton weekend trip

(proj 2 ended)

Birmingham christmas market day trip

everyone has left for singapore :( its so quiet and lonely here

kk gonna end here abruptly cause I’m no longer in the mood to blog haha, perhaps i’ll edit this with details another time or maybe a separate post for each section hmm 


Thursday, September 11, 2014


Had my last dinner with my pri sch mates yesterday. It was fun (as usual). tried koh sushi grill (is that what its called?) for the first time. shiok maki so-so luh.. just a lot of cheesy mayo sauce. then we caught an impromptu movie and caught the last bus. but before i slept, it hit me that i will not be seeing them for one year. 

in short…


and my family of cos ;)  

but i’ll always be close to my family. i mean no matter where i go, or what i do, i know that i will always return to my family and that they will always support me. its like i’ll never drift away from them but theres a chance of my drifting away from my friends. this is also probably why my circle of friends is very small…

BUT I CANT BE SAD. i’m thankful for this opportunity and i’ll make good use of it. learn new things, step out of my comfort zone and make new friends so its okay i guess. gotta look on the bright side ;)  i’ll stay in touch with these precious friends of mine in singapore (if you’re reading this, PLZ VISIT ME IN UK!!) while trying my best to make new close friends on the other side of the world

Monday, August 11, 2014

1 more month

In about a month’s time, I’ll no longer be in Singapore!!!! Time passes really fast!!!

Just went for a camp (like finally! everyone’s been posting pics about their uni camps) glad that the games were fun and not like NUS/NTU’s wild games :O  I love how chill my OG is hahaha They are a really fun bunch ^^

okay gonna recap in order:

forgot the date: went for Singapore 2014 Night Festival’s media preview w Aud (thanks aud!) and I’ve got to say that the program line-up this year seems quite interesting! There will be international collaborations with various artists such as William Close (USA), 7 Sopranos, Zingo, Art Fission Company (Singapore), works by SUTD students, Clement Briend (France) and many more! Clement Briend was invited to the media preview and he told us a little about his works and his special projector. He’s a photographer and will be displaying “Divine Trees” during the Night Fesitval. Go google him and this series of works and you’ll know what to expect ^^ He brought his special projector, which he made from scratch, and showed us a preview of the projection. The effect’s really…. grand. Because he uses buddhist symbols such as faces of Buddha and other divine beings, it feels kinda zen (okay i guess you can feel either end of the spectrum, comfortable or not. I felt really comfortable with the images) Imagine seeing around 7 of these images around you!!

Depending on which angle you are at, the experience is different. It’s amazing how it feels like a 3D sculpture made using natural materials, but when you observe the work up close, you realize it’s just a normal tree with a projection of amazing quality an resolution. It’s like the eyes cave in and protrude out according to the human anatomy but in fact its mostly a flat plane of leaves. Also, as the wind blows, the leaves rustle and the image moves gently in the breeze, as if its alive. I’m not really good with words so I don’t know how to explain it so do go down for the Night Festival to experience it yourself! For all the foodies out there, there’s a food section too! Oh oh, there’s a after party too! 
Visit for more details about the Singapore 2014 Night Festival. 
Venue: Bras Basah, Bugis Precint 
(around Singapore National Museum and Peranakan Museum)
Time: 7pm-2am
Date: Fri & Sat, 22&23 Aug, 29&30 Aug 
(happens on 2 weekends, majority of the stuff will be the same but presentation of the main attraction (earth harp) will be different, such as the visual aspect as well as the collaborators (if I’m not mistaken))

26 July: Pre-departure talk made me all excited about going to the UK!!! Will definitely travel whenever I have time on my hands (hopefully I’ll have a decent amount of spare time!!) Gonna learn how to scrimp and save hahaha woes of being a poor student without a scholarship :(  This year there’s loads of law and econs students, but well, its kinda expected

On a side note, lemme digress. MY FB FEED IS FILLED WITH RAGGGG and pics of white coat ceremony. sigh. And some of my friends have even started uni alr!!! i has no rag but i has club! haha (more on that later) so many doctors around me sigh. why is that there are so many lawyers and doctors around but there is somehow always a shortage of them and they get paid much more while there are so little architects around and they get paid …. really badly

Met up with my batch mates (theres 5 of us in total and 1 doing real estates, so 6 of us in the same department) It kinda stresses yet excites me knowing that I’ll be working w talents. Thankful to be accepted into such a great uni^^ okay after that, I met up with the hwachies that were also there during the pre-departure talk and headed back to our alma mater for a ‘orientation’ played some games made some friends (so many going LSE), went back for a BBQ and thats about it

1-3 Aug: CAMPPPPP!!!!!!!! overall, camp was really chill with loads of slack time (good in a way) which resulted in many games with forfeit penalty (nooooooo) Blue OG was reeaaaaalllllyyy chill and somehow we emerged as one of the top OG’s after the second day games. but the third day, we slid all the way down to one of the last hahaha but wtv we enjoyed ourselves and that’s all that matters. we were damn fail w the cheers hahaha couldn’t remember the cheer till the very last day and were always relying on this piece of paper which we scribbled our cheer. its too complicated!! but it sounds nice like a poem but a little too complex and long for a cheer haha camp was great nonetheless

6 Aug: Butter Factory! My virgin clubbing experience haha tho i didn’t really club. Met OG for a chill dinner then pre drinks (didn’t really drink, only during my forfeit and a little in the club) then entered butter. really should have drank more before entering.. I realized that if you enter with a super clear mind, you’ll just think everyone around you is retarded and won’t dare to dance and get high cos you’ll be judged. soooo this was one part i regretted. Next time, if there’s a next time, i’ll drink a little more. but then again, i scared i’ll get drunk hahaha Butter’s really strict about dress code.. wore slip ons and only got 2 free drinks. whaaatttttt. if you wear heels/wedges you’ll get 5 free drinks. besides that, it was a cool experience ^^

9 Aug: National day!!! Didn’t manage to get fix T_T and its the last time NDP’s gonna be at the float… Met with aep class and guess what we did…
we painted a banner
HAHAHAHA quite lame right but we’re an art class soooooo we did something arty LOL nah we were just helping aaron with his banner for army/navy not sure. ta-baoed starbucks cos they were having the national day promo then played some card games, made a failed matcha cake (which we still ate) all in all a great catch-up with them. It’s prob my last time seeing them as a class :( aaron’s gonna sail soon and when he’s back we’ll be gone :/ Thanks for the past 2+ years!! lets all Skype or sth haha when the few of us are overseas! 
group selfie w aaron’s new phone. welcome to the world of smart phones!!! couldn’t find the blur selfie taken by aaron this was taken by aud (the rest left early)

andddd failed matcha cake using the rice cooker. DONT USE PANCAKE MIXXXXX use HOTCAKE mix instead!!

k thats all. gonna settle visa tmr, hopefully everything’s okay and
 I NEED TO STOP FALLING SICK !!!!!@$^%&@##$(