Saturday, September 12, 2015

flying today and i'm really dreading it.
i can feel the anxiety
i don't know whether its cause I'm excited for the new term
or whether i'm actually scared of it
the vexatious feeling of homesickness is slowly creeping in
winter break this year is one week shorter
contemplating if i should fly back
but tickets are expensive
i'm getting way more stressed out than first year
what about units
and the interviews
and the 530 pounds of mystery
and theres something else on my mind
maybe i'll just forget about it when the term starts
i hope that's what will happen

flying today and i'm really dreading it

flying today and being independent all over again
nice weather
foreign countries
new and old alike
lack of comfort food
new house, new room, new term
amalgamation of exciting challenges and sleepless nights
headache, anxiousness, pride, accomplishments
laser cut, softwares, computer, plotter, workshop
these all shall be my new best friends
not to forget metal and wood
new furnitures?
haha thats if i don't get too lazy

flying today and being all excited about it

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